Access to Vietnam's

largest software park.

Capability and capacity to deliver

technology to fast-growing Vietnam.

Looking to access tech talent and investment capital or engage with large customer markets in South East Asia? Need a local or regional launch-pad to ensure a smooth start and rapid growth? Struggling to gain a foothold in the ASEAN region? We can help!

South East Asia today provides technology businesses with three critical factors for growth: tech talent, investment capital, and large markets with rapidly growing appetites. We can help you access tech talent to accelerate the development of your innovative ideas, investment capital to fuel your growth, plus business networks and partners to help seize market opportunities.

Of course, you may not need help. But… Customs. Culture. Currency. Regulations and local practices. The subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – market differences that can make or break a new overseas initiative.

New business relationships, partnerships or ventures in Asia almost always present a wide range of challenges and risks. Some are easily addressed or managed, but often it’s the subtle differences in culture and customs that can spell the difference between success and failure.

If you are planning to engage with Vietnam or the ASEAN region and want to maximise your chances of success, we should talk!

Why? Because we can help you engage in so many different ways, all designed to minimise risks, reduce unnecessary costs and help get you off to the best – and fastest – start possible. Talk to Kiwi Connection Tech Hub, today!


Welcome to Vietnam, the geographical gateway to the ASEAN region. In particular, welcome to the Kiwi Connection Tech Hub at Quang Trung Software Park in Ho Chi Minh City.

Kiwi Connection Tech Hub represents an ecosystem of business capability providers, working together between New Zealand and South East Asia to provide a gateway for accessing tech talent and investment capital, or delivering technology offerings into Vietnam and across the wider ASEAN region. We exist to support Kiwi innovation and hi-tech companies in doing business in South East Asia.

Tech Talent

Kiwi Connection Tech Hub gives New Zealand businesses instant access to Vietnam’s large pool of highly-skilled tech talent – providing Kiwi innovators with the capability, capacity and scalability to accelerate product development and integration projects, implementation work and support services.

Additionally, being locally present, we are also able to help deliver services associated with technology offerings into Vietnam and the ASEAN region and provide support to customers well beyond New Zealand business hours and time zone limitations.

Customer Markets

Kiwi Connection Tech Hub is currently exploring ways to provide capability for and direct access to business development avenues – initially in Vietnam and subsequently other ASEAN markets.

Talk to us if you are interested to know more or would like to get involved and work with us.

Why Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?

Due to its large population and consistently high economic growth rate, Vietnam today has one of the largest and fastest-growing digital economies in Asia. It has extremely high internet and mobile penetration and a rapidly accelerating digital consumption appetite, making it an attractive market for international tech businesses, many of whom are already present.

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest commercial hub in Vietnam, with the fastest growth in technology businesses, talent and investment. Geographically, the city is also centrally located to provide easy access to all of the main centres of government, commerce and industry in the ASEAN region.

Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) is one of the largest tech parks in Vietnam, only 20 minutes from the international airport and 40 minutes to Ho Chi Minh City’s CBD (District 1). QTSC currently hosts over 130 companies and nearly 20,000 tech workers. The tech park is also home to the Vietnamese central government’s secured national data centre.

How it all works.

Managed Presence & Software Services.



Quickly establish a physical

location in Vietnam



Software development, implementation,

integration, maintenance services



Quickly employ local staff

on the ground in Vietnam



Engaging with business networks

and local partners



Technical software support services

to businesses and customers



Future options to scale up/out beyond

our facilities

Accelerate your engagement with Vietnam and the ASEAN region

Leverage off the presence and

experience of an existing New Zealand

operation – one that is already well

established and well connected

Incontestable advantages of low cost,

low risk and high speed – the

opportunity to get your brand and

people in market quickly so you can

speed up engagement

Engage commercially with a New

Zealand company – with full

accountability in New Zealand

About Us

On-the-ground in Vietnam

Kiwi Connection Tech Hub is operated by Augen Software Group. As a New Zealand technology business, we have been operating in in Vietnam since 2005. Our brand is well known and respected for the values that it both promises and delivers. But why should you partner with us?


We have a permanent presence in the Vietnamese market and fully engage with the business ecosystem and technology sector in the country as well as the region.


We have been in Vietnam since 2005 and in New Zealand since 1993. Our success has been recognised with many New Zealand and international awards. We have:

  • Experience in building and managing local operations in Vietnam
  • Up-to-date knowledge and a deep understanding of the legal, HR and business environment
  • Experience and knowledge of best practices to recruit and employ local staff
  • Familiarity with local business infrastructure
  • Access to an established network of business partners and government contacts
  • Cultural appreciation for Vietnam and the ASEAN region
  • Many lessons learned and challenges overcome in a constantly and rapidly evolving ecosystem

Quality Focussed

Our approach is that we always prefer to keep looking until we find the 'right people’, rather than just settling for 'good people'.

Dynamic Working Environment

A fully integrated engagement model between our Vietnamese staff and our New Zealand staff and our customers, all working together as a single virtual team. Our Vietnamese-based staff are directly involved with New Zealand staff and customers’ businesses

Unique business model

Our model of working with Kiwi businesses offers a unique combination of factors that delivers high quality, better scalability and lower risks for engaging on-the-ground in Vietnam.

Continuous Innovation

We are seen as totally focussed on optimising our own business model and continuously innovating in our business (instead of just copying what others do) – in our sector we are a market leader in being innovative and thinking outside the box.

Our ecosystem of partners

Below are our business, industry and government partners, collaborators and supporters:

Contact Us

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